Camping ground 'Tussen de Diepen' is beautifully situated near the water. On a surface of 5 hectare are 200 places. As well permanent sites as touristic sites. The camping meadow is situated directly to the water.

Aquatics camping

Camping ground "Tussen de Diepen" is situated at an unique location surrounded by a beautiful nature nl. National Park WaterReijck Weerribben Wieden with small lakes, pools and a lot of small islands. With a surface of about 15,000 hectares and about 400 km of canals these are the most important wetlands in Europe.

Zuiderzee town Blokzijl

A stone's throw away from the camping ground you find the picturesque Zuiderzee town Blokzijl. Blokzijl was founded at the end of the 16th century and was built around a harbour.

The living monument Blokzijl exists especially of merchant houses and has about 1450 inhabitants. Around 20,000 yachts per year pass the picturesque look and the beautiful harbour. Also for culinary delights Blokzijl is the perfect place te be!

15.000ha of nature

Blokzijl omgeving
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