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With care carefree holiday

Camping "Tussen de Diepen" is the perfect place if you need care during your holiday. For this, the camping has achieved special care chalets all (care) means are provided, but also fully to experience camping life. In collaboration with "Zorggroep Oude en Nieuwe Land" comes to the care and various tools are available so that people with disabilities also optimally enjoy their vacation!

In addition to the required care - - to make it even more enjoyable holiday, the camp also provides a range of services from which to choose: from errands to cinema, from meals to (adjusted) bikes. For trips, the site has a partnership with the taxi company, but also with the Green Wish boat: a beautiful way to make it possible to discover the marine life or the beautiful surroundings.

Rates care chalet

More information?

0527 - 29 15 65

What we have to offer?

  • Comfortable chalets (max 6 people)
  • Wide doors, barrier-free
  • Fully furnished and equipped with updated plumbing including brackets in the toilet
  • Wireless Internet
  • Care Delivery on demand through regional care Zorggroep Oude en nieuwe Land

That we provide this care is unique!
Not only with an appropriate chalet, but also with a complete service, entertainment and care package, making the most of your vacation!


zorgchalets camping tussn de diepen
zorgchalets camping tussn de diepen