Rates camping 'De Sas'

Year place* 1.550,00
Seasonal place** 925,00
Connection to water 60,00
Connection to sewerage 102,50


Use of electricity will be measured in October/November and will be charged afterwards. In case of a broken or missing meter the average use will be charged. Ïn case of abuse of the meter an amount of € 125,- extra will be charged above the average use.

* incl. water, sewer and 9% VAT, (excl. tourist tax, this will be charged directly to the municipality Steenwijkerland) 
** incl. 9% VAT and tourist tax € 132,00

2nd family extra 300,00
Dog 44,00
Cubicle boat
01-04-'21 tm 31-10-'21
Storage of boat during the winter time
01-11-'20 tm 31-03-'21
This is only allowed if you store your boat at camping ground "Tussen de Diepen"
20,00 per str. meter

Maximum rate 2022 - 10% + indexcijfer over het tarief van 2021. 
Maximum rate 2023- 10% + indexcijfer over het tarief van 2022.

Boats with a length of max. 2 mtr. are free of costs unless they will be stored nearby the mobile home this does not bother other guests.  

On all our agreements the Recron conditions landrecreation, stored with the Chamber of Commerce and Fabrics for mid-Gelderland at Arnhem and also the rules of behaviour and the regulations of camping ground "The Sas" are applicable. 

The period of year places is from 01.01 - 31.12 and of seasonal places and rental places for boats are from 01.04 - 31.10. The mobile home and/or boat must be removed at 31.10 and the place must be left properly. Boats left after 31.10 will be charged for the winter storage rate. 

Rates are exclusively for the own family. Married or children who are living together with a partner are no longer part of the family. If they want to make use of the mobile home of the renter it is necessary to indicate this. To stay over at night the dayrate is applicable. In case of failure the renter will be charged a so called "2nd family". "Recr. ond. De Kalkoven BV" at Blokzijl, operator of camping ground "De Sas" will not take any responsibility for missing or damaged properties of renters and guests and is also not responsible for accidents of renters and guests.