Schools package

The package for narrow scholarship
As school trip for introduction or farewell, a day puzzling in canoes discovering the surroundings of Blokzijl. At the end of the day enjoying a tasteful dinner together. This package is aslo very suitable for associations and groups.

10.00-10.15 hrs
Arrival at camping ground “Tussen de Diepen”.

10.15-10.45 hrs
Choclate/coffee/tea or soft drink with "Blokzijler Brok". In the meantime you will be informed about the canoes and the route.

10.45-13.45 hrs
Start of puzzle journey with canoes.

13.45 hrs
End of puzzle journey. The boats will be returned and it is tome to explore the beautiful village Blokzijl.

15.45 hrs
Arrival at camping ground “Tussen de Diepen”. Prize-giving for the puzzle tour and having dinner with the whole group.

Price: € 20,00
Minimal number of persons: 20


  • Choclate/coffee/tea or soft drink with "Blokzijler Brok"
  • Instruction for canoe
  • Route map and puzzle route
  • Prize-giving
  • Dinner (french fried with mayonaise, snack and ice as desert)


  • Schnitzeldinner (instead of school dinner): Premium € 3,00 p.p.
  • Half chicken dinner (instead of school dinner): Premium € 4,00 p.p.